Unapologetically snarky and full of fun

Touched by an Alien - Gini Koch

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Touched by an Alien was a thrill-ride of a read right from the start. Unapologetically snarky and full of fun I loved Katherine “Kitty” Katt as a heroine. While following some of her antics through the plot took a heaping teaspoon of suspension of disbelief, I loved reading it and could easily forgive the wallpapered plot points for the sheer fun of reading this high-octane fast-paced joy-ride of a book. And then there was Jeff, Christopher, the parents, the Dazzlers and just for fun a monster or two.

I have to say I kinda gave this book a pass for a while because the cover looks basically as close to a bodice-ripper as you can get in a modern-day sci-fi; I only gave it a shot because I found it at Bookmans, my local used book store, and it had turned up on a number of my recommendation list. Boy am I glad I did. This was a fun book that made me think about everything from security to politics to religion and did it in such a way not once did I feel a heavy hand or feel that it was contrived. While I will admit that the plot had a lot of just-go-with-it moments, it pulled together in the end in such a way that not only am I happy, but satisfied. The passion is explosive, the action enjoyable, the characterization a pure delight and the world building will make you look at everyday things and wonder.

All around I would highly recommend anyone give Touched by an Alien a try and am happy to give it four dazzling stars.★★★★