Dragos Takes a Holiday

Dragos Takes a Holiday - Thea Harrison

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Dragos Takes a Holiday was a charming novella that provided a glimpse into the lives and relationship of Dragos, Pia and Liam during some much-needed downtime. Of course with this bunch, even downtimes come with adventure…

I enjoyed Dragos Takes a Holiday the sweet moments of family, the still hot passion between Dragos and Pia and watching Liam change and grow. That is one truly awesome peanut! That said I felt that the editing was far looser for content than in any of Ms. Harrison’s previous works and while this did give a higher page count it left some of the transitions a bit clunky. This added to a plot devise that drives me a little crazy somewhat muffled my reading experience. However, even with these missteps I was still utterly enchanted by the story and the glimpse we get of three beloved characters.

I give Dragos Takes a Holiday three and a half charming stars