Harm's Hunger

Harm's Hunger (Bad in Boots, #1) - Patrice Michelle

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Harm’s Hunger is a scorching hot read. From first to last this novella packs an amazing amount of passion and heat. The plot, in turns quirky and downright harebrained, also manages to invoke sweet emotion, capturing the foibles and strengths of human interaction. The characters are sweet and frustrating and stubborn to the core but also loyal and loving. While I’m not a fan of miscommunication being used as a plot device (among other highly improbable situational happenings) I can still appreciate the way it was used to speed up the pace of this very short work. All that said I think I would have liked a little more character development even if it came at the cost of some of the searingly hot love scenes.

All in all I give Harm’s Hunger three and a half smokin’ stars


I know Ms. Michelle from her Young Adult / New Adult series Brightest Kind of Darkness, a series that I positively adore. Ms. Michelle has been such a wonderful experience, both with the quality of work that she produces as an indie author and the interaction she encourages with her fans, that taking the leap from YA to adult fiction was a natural step. When it came to my attention that one of her contemporary romance novellas was being offered for free I figured I give it a go even if cowboys aren’t usually my first choice.