The Mystery Woman

The Mystery Woman - Amanda Quick

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I have had a soft spot for Amanda Quick’s (AKA Jayne Ann Krentz) books ever since I read Mystique; the first substantial book I voluntarily finished and my entry into the world of a reader. At fourteen the medieval setting was fascinating, the characters believable and somewhat scandalous, and the experience of entering another world within the pages of a book addictive. Over the years, while I still enjoy historicals, my tastes have shifted making it require a certain mood for me to really be able to delve into such books without my brain running a constant commentary on the societal differences. Which is why The Mystery Woman has been sitting on my shelf since it came out, waiting for me to be in the proper mood to enjoy it. Thankfully I finally was in the mood…

The Mystery Woman was a fun and fast read taking us back to the Ladies of Lantern Street and a world where Victorian England had a fascination with the paranormal. With our leading lady a practitioner and leading male a sceptic this was an interesting relationship to watch unfold. While I felt that the story itself was more of a variation on the theme of most of Ms. Quick’s works it was never-the-less an enjoyable read that kept me engaged and entertained throughout.

I happily look forward to the third installment of the series and give The Mystery Woman an entertaining four stars.