Heart of Obsidian

Heart of Obsidian - Nalini Singh

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Ms. Singh’s Psy / Changeling series is one of my all-time favorites so it was no surprise to me that I adored Heart of Obsidian. Even at a dozen entries this series holds me captivated; the intense world-building, faceted characters and deep emotions will keep me coming back for as long as Ms. Singh graces us with these amazing stories.

Heart of Obsidian was a book twelve books in the making. Not an entry I was advise for anyone not fully engrossed in the series, it draws from the base already set and then delves deeper into its own dark and thrilling world. Kaleb is a character we have watched grow and evolve and in this installment we see the impact of such evolution on the world. A Titan in power and propensity, it will take a miracle to stop him from tearing down the world. This book lets you read the miracle.

I did have some issues with Heart of Obsidian, mainly the dictatorial and possessive attitude of our male lead. However, I feel that as uncomfortable as these bits made me, they were also likely necessary to put forth the central idea that Kaleb is broken. He is not a stable being and both his actions and thought processes give us that and allow the story to pull both its readers and characters along to find a place of peace between fixing enough fractures from the past and accepting that perfection is not possible. That love means embracing both merits and flaws.

I loved Heart of Obsidian, flaws and all, and am happy to give it five stars.