Tethered (Novella) - 'Meljean Brook'

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Set in the Iron Seas world (and an after-story to Heart of Steel) Tethered is a wonderful look at how love changed two characters and how it would never change their zeal for life.  Reconnecting with old friends (and with friends like this who needs enemies?) begins Archimedes and Yasmeen on a new adventure that will test the strength of their bond, mettle of the crew and prove to all that they are a pair not only madly in love but to most just plain mad.


I loved reading this novella and once again returning to the rich and vibrant world Ms. Brook created in the Iron Seas.  Not only did this installment give more depth to much loved characters (and possible plot-points for future books…Scarsdale anyone?) but expounded on the world they lived in.  Returning to face a foe that was a conundrum from first-reading, and all the more terrifying because of it, Tethered is another thrilling adventure worthy of Archimedes Fox and Lady Lynx.