Changeling—Book Two in the MetaWars series by Kelly Meding

Changeling - Kelly Meding

Moving forward in the MetaWars series, Changeling was both a thrilling addition to a world I had grown to like and a sharp departure from the course set by Trance, the first book in this series.

Told from the viewpoint of Dahlia Perkins, the newest member of the Meta team, it vividly portrayed the challenges of both a world in social upheaval over the resurgence of the Metas and the inner-dynamic of divergent personalities attempting to come together as a unit.  The world-building in this volume was on point however the direction in which the story veered lost me somewhat.  This could easily be due to the fact that I am enamored of relationship building between characters and the relationships in this book are complicated at best and often strained.  That said, I found the situations believable and the reactions understandable, if not ideal.  Then again how many of us have ideal reactions to events we don’t like?

Still, the trust central to having a tight-knit group was frayed by the end of this book, making me leery of where the future journey will take me.