Serengeti Heat - Vivi Andrews I picked this title up and breezed through it pretty quickly, not surprising at all of sixty pages. This was a cute little shifter tale, and a good start to the series in-so-far-as it was able to establish both setting and future goals for our shifter society. That said, I still would have liked to have seen more world building, and was quite annoyed with the author when there was a chance expand the readers understanding of the shifter society and where it would be heading in the future and the opportunity was passed over in favor of our hero not paying attention to what was being said. I found this shortcut a tad bit sloppy/lazy. Ms. Andrews did excel at incorporating the hot and steamy parts and building that into a romantic relationship and not just a casual fling; commendable in such a short word-count without pre-existing relationships. The characters were likeable, and even the secondary characters were somewhat defined. It made me interested enough that I might look into more books in this series.