Storm Glass - Maria V. Snyder Storm Glass—Book one of the Glass trilogy by Maria V. Snyder
This trilogy is a follow-up to Ms. Snyder’s stunning Study series, picking up four years after Fire Study ended, with a new hero, Opal Cowen, to follow through the edge-of-your-seat adventure that Ms. Snyder so excels at creating. For those that have read the aforementioned trilogy this series is a welcome addition to the Sitia/Ixia world, expanding the map as it were and allowing glimpses of the characters we grew to love and trust in the Study series while embroiling us in the mind and trials of a new heroine who has just as many hurtles to cross. If this first installment is anything to go by, Opal is going to be more than a match for her predecessor in keeping my attention and having me come back for more.
We open this book with Opal as a frustrated fourth year student who still only has one magical ability, to trap a bit of magic into glass. Snidely referred to as the one-trick-wonder, she is unsure of her place at the keep when she can’t seem to learn how to use any other forms of magic. Isolated from her peers, Opal feels all but useless. And then she gets a mission from the Master Magicians. She is to go to the Stormdance Clan and find out why the glass globes used to store storm energy are shattering…before another Stormdancer dies.
This was a thrill ride of a book, following through many twists and turns, traveling all over the world and back again. Changing our heroine from a frightened student to a force to be reckoned with, this book showed both growth and complexity. It is hard to judge the story on this single volume, as it is very much a continuous story spilt into a trilogy. Its biggest flaw may be the very cliffhanger ending, but as I already have the next volume in the series I won’t let that bother me too much. All I can say for sure at the moment is I am looking forward to reading the next installment and hope that when the story has finished its arc that all the turmoil and impossible odds come to a positive end.