Sea Glass  - Maria V. Snyder Sea Glass—Book Two of the Glass Trilogy by Maria V. Snyder
In book two of this immaculate trilogy we see our heroine having to fight through the tide turning against her in many ways, facing trust problems on both fronts; whom she can trust and who trusts her. If Storm Glass was the alchemizing of Opal from a student to an adult, than Sea Glass takes that adult and hardens her into an opponent. This book took us to many of the same haunts that frequented the first volume, the Stormdancer lands, Fulgor, and even the Keep; however this time around everywhere has a bit of a sinister twist. Almost everyone seems against her, allies and enemies have to be reassessed, and Opal has to hone her inner and outer strength in order to learn who to trust and when to let go. This transformation was remarkable to read though, feeling Opal’s triumphs and hardships and being both fascinated and frustrated by how they shaped her. I think that like many second books in a trilogy that this book had a high number of hardships for our heroine to overcome, and that the person we know at its end is almost the phoenix-from-the-ashes, not completely different but also radically changed. I cannot wait to see how this series wraps up in the final installment.