Spy Glass - Maria V. Snyder Spy Glass—Book three in the Glass trilogy by Maria V. Snyder
In this installment of the Glass series Opal is dealing with the loss of her magic and having to come to terms with her new magic immunity. In the first few chapters we learn that there may still be some of Opal’s blood left from when she was drained in the culmination of book two, and it becomes Opal’s obsession to find it. This quest takes us mostly to places already visited throughout the trilogy, and while she does go through some new training and acquires some new skills I felt that this was perhaps one of the weaker plots in this series. It did not help that the foreshadowing in the prior books was, in my opinion, kind of forced into realization in this book.
I did enjoy the twists with Opal’s personal life in this book, although I felt that the solidity of a partner she could enjoy equality with came rather late in the series. While this did give the relationship a depth, it also had me juggling several different secondary characters that I didn’t get to know as well, in the process, having me lose some of the intimacy in the story. The characterization in this book was good, and several new characters were introduced who I liked including Reema and Teegan, but it seemed that too many new elements were introduced without being resolved. Perhaps I was mistaken in looking at these books as a self-contained trilogy—and indeed I would be excited if Ms. Snyder wrote more in this world—but for the moment I find the experience left me wanting.
It is hard for me to truly sum up my experience with this book. I had high hopes for this concluding book in the series and while in no way was it a bad book, it did not really live up to my—admittedly high—hopes for this trilogy’s finale. It is still a good book, but for me left so many loose ends that it seems obvious that Ms. Snyder is leaving room for more books in this series; and while I don’t truly have a problem with that I would have liked in not to come at the expense of this series having a more polished ending.