Kiss of Fury - Deborah Cooke Kiss of Fury—Book two in the Dragonfire series by Deborah Cooke
This book was an easy read in the paranormal romance genre and continued the tone and feel of the first volume of this series: action, heat, prophesy and the hands of fate. Built around Dragon shape-shifters, this series centers its romantic connections on a destined-mates ideology written with the mechanic of a “firestorm” a palpable heat that springs up between the fated couple and is only extinguished by conception, resulting in the next generation of male Dragon shape-shifter.
I liked this book. I found the main characters relatable and the world-building believable. The secondary characters were a mixed bag of hit and miss however, spanning the spectrum from a likably tortured soul in Delany to an arrogantly irritating leader in Erik and peaking on the sphinx-like prophetess of the Wyvern. In the Dragonfire world the good guys, known as the Pyr, are guardians of the earth and all its treasures, including humans and the bad guys, known as Slayers are out to destroy humankind and conquer the earth. While this reality is a strong basis for the narrative I still found the environmentalism a little bit preachy, perhaps crossing the line from novel engine to personal crusade. The sexual tension in this book is well done, and builds a strong relationship beyond the bedroom; I still have issues with the destined-breeding-pair being a little bit trope though.
So far this series has not blown me away, but has provided enjoyable entertainment that pulls me through a story arc and likable characters that I take pleasure in getting to know. I will likely pick up the next book in this series, and see if the characters manage to avoid the end of the world. I am rooting for a happy ending.