One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost One Grave at a Time—Night Huntress book six by Jeaniene Frost

This book was a roller coaster ride. Touching in that it allowed us to enjoy some of the more serene moments we has gotten to experience with Cat and Bones, and harrowing when we faced off against one of the worst evils ever spawned by man. Add to that a new egomaniac that took over out government funded friends and a passel of ghosts to contend with and you have one wild ride.
I liked this book a great deal, although I have to admit to not particularly enjoying parts of it—the miasma of evil and just plain psycho-ness of the main villain in this one was enough to give me the willies at times—which is a great big well done to Ms. Frost, even if I did have to take a time out while reading to recover from the pain of having my psyche twisted. The characterization was flawless in this book adding depth to the characters that we know and love, while adding some new and memorable names to our cast. Cat and Bones have made it to the point of intimacy that as a reader warms my heart without lessening either the sensual or emotional tension. They love each other more than anything; and if anything, that is almost scarier, as they have more to lose. Tyler, our new medium, was probably my favorite in comic relief; able to keep a head on his shoulders, at least when not bleeding out, and still keep a fierce wit and be snappy tease.
The plot of this book worked well to move both the story and the world along, tho the ghostly quest bit did strike me as a tad contrived. I was saddened by the presence of Madigan as the new agency head, and see plenty of room for future plots to, hopefully, put him in his place. I also hope we see more of Tate and the team in the future, all good reasons to tune in to the next book. Tho first, I believe, is Vald’s tale—which assuages my grief that he did not make an appearance in this story.
I give this book an enthusiastic four stars ★★★★