Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews Magic Slays—Book five in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews
The Kate Daniels series is urban fantasy at its best. Magic slays combines truly talented world-building, an impressive array of mythological knowledge, character growth and development, and movement forward in the plot arc of the series. Oh. And it has a bunny that’s a cat in it too.
This book was a fun read. It took up pretty much where Magic Bleeds left off and addresses the changes that Kate has to deal with after the fallout of killing her aunt and becoming Curran’s official mate. Fielding those curveballs along with some baggage from her past we also deal with a threat to all things magic, and Julie being in danger to an extreme made for a fast pace in this book. It is not a volume I would suggest to start with, as at this point in the series it really is necessary to have the back-story from books one through four.
I’ll be honest, this probably wasn’t my favorite Kate book; it seemed like for every step forward there were several more back, and the action was bread-crumbed a bit much for me. However getting to see all of the magical factions interact and have Kate and Curran get both of their heads on straight was more than worth it to me. Add that to some kick-butt side scenes, new characters to play with and enough Russian mythology to roll in, and even without being the best Kate book, it is still an example of urban fantasy as it should be written.
I give this book a loving four stars