Touch of Power - Maria V. Snyder This book was a good start to Ms. Snyder’s new series. Touch of Power emboldens the imagination, developing a completely new world and filling it with characters that are interesting and evocative. The world of the Fifteen Realms is a wide open landscape filled with new joys and dangers, including the allies and enemies that were introduced in this volume.
This book embodied aspects from Ms. Snyder’s Study Series, starting with a heroine who begins the tale under a death sentence. Add an adversary who becomes more than a friend and you have several aspects that work…but I was a little disappointed to see them so blatantly repeated. The introduction of magic in this series I found a bit more refreshing. Healing magic resulting from man-eating flowers—that one I can truly say I never saw coming. I am curious to see where Ms. Snyder goes with this. While the war among nations is not really new, hopefully in the course of the turmoil we discover some new plot points and the crazy psychopath ends up getting his comeuppance.
All in all I found this an engaging read that kept me enraptured until I had finished it, and proved to be a promising start to a new series.
I give this book a high Three Stars