Iron Crowned  - Richelle Mead Iron Crowned—Book three in the Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead

This book kind of pissed me off. I will admit that I only got to page 317 of the full 375 before just skimming the rest to decide if it was worth trusting the story. From what I could summarize, it was not. Much cursing ensued, but in the end I just had to concede that as much as I enjoy this author’s writing style, and love worlds she creates and the characters she peoples them with; in this case the plot direction she chose to take was a hurdle I couldn’t get past.

Eugenie Markham, the main character in this book, was a powerhouse, until she let her relationship issues take over her head and senses. She betrayed her own honor in this and then put it forth as emotionally justified.

I have no problem with relationship issues in my books, in many cases that is how a character grows, and I feel that many of her motivations behind the altercations were just. Being betrayed, lied to, and played off herself are good reasons for ending relationships. However, anger and apathy to change are not. In the end, she took the easy path, which I felt was not in line with her character. I felt cheated. It seemed like the author took the story in the way she wanted it to go, not one necessarily true to the characters. And I'm a character driven reader.

I will say she is a master of craft. I cared enough about her characters to be indignant on their behalf. But the end-note monkey-wench was just one too many disbeliefs. It sent me from being immersed to majorly pissed off.

I give this book three stars. ★★★ The writing was wonderful, I just didn’t like where the author chose to take this story.