Midnight's Daughter - Karen Chance My second attempt at reading a Karen Chance series, Midnight’s Daughter was—for me—a more immersive and positive experience. I decided to give Ms. Chance another go when a while ago I read her entry in the On the Prowl anthology and fell in love with the characters. When I read that this series was incorporated into that, I decided to give it a go. I am very glad that I did.
Midnight’s Daughter had some trite aspects, as can only be expected when one deals with Dracula, and since it is an off-shoot from Ms. Chance’s Cassie Palmer series it suffers from bits of back-story being forcefully incorporated, but all-in-all I found in to be an engrossing and delightful read. I enjoyed the characters; they were complex enough to have me wanting to go back for more even to the point of maybe giving the Cassie Palmer series another shot (I couldn’t make it past the fates in book two. A silly failing, but their appearance made me need to wash and I just never got past it. Maybe with this storyline to look forward to I can push myself past it with minimum hand-washing.). The plot of this volume was well done, giving both depth and substance to the characters and the world, and It left enough lose ends to have me want to come back to see where they lead, but not so many as to cause extreme frustration. Overall I enjoyed this book.
I give this book four stars.