Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison This was a Good Game. There are certain authors whose book I like to save until I need them—candy books—that will distract me from a very bad mood, or perk me up from a bad day. They are my go-to when I know I NEED a good story and an author I can trust to deliver one without fail. In a very short time, Thea Harrison has found a place as one of my Candy Authors—the maybe half-dozen gifted story-tellers who I trust implicitly with my psyche—even when it is bruised or broken. It is not an honor I give lightly, and I am overjoyed to have found another voice that I can trust with such a window to my soul.

Oracle’s Moon picks up just after the conclusion of Serpent’s Kiss…in fact I would say it even picks up before the end of that novel, tho with a different main character and location the time difference is non-jarring. In any case we take up with Grace Andreas just after the debacle with Carling and Rune, leaving our Oracle truly shaken by the death she witnessed and somewhat stuck with a guardian she doesn’t know how to handle—a Djinn named Khalil.

This was a fun story, and while it did take me a little time to warm up to Grace and Khalil, once I did they became a part of my heart. In this installment expanded our view of the Elder Race populace, focusing mainly on djinn and witches. Ms. Harrison has created a vast world, and with each expansion it engenders the want to learn even more. I was happy to see some returning characters in this book, and fervently hope that we see both Grace and Khalil in future books as well. While this story ended on a high note, indeed it had me laughing out loud with the final sentence, the story of these to characters is far from over and I am greatly looking forward to its continuation, entangles, hopefully, with the furthering of all the other characters I have grown to know and love in the other three books. This is a series I simply cannot get enough of, and am impressed to say just keeps getting better.

A Very Bright Five Star Rating ★★★★★