Werewolf in the North Woods - Vicki Lewis Thompson This review also posted at A Bookish Compulsion

This is the second book from Ms. Thompson that I won in an author contest through Fresh Fiction. I have to say that I am very glad that I was fortunate enough to win both books, not only because I received two author signed books which makes the fan-girl in me squee, but also because in reading the second book in this series I feel I received a better look at Ms. Thompson’s writing.

I liked this book quite a bit more than A Werewolf in Manhattan, the first book in Ms. Thompson’s Wild about You series, which to me felt a lot more like chick-lit with paranormal pretentions, whereas this book read a lot more into the paranormal romance genre to me. Still a light-hearted romp, but a little less with the “Hey Sexy let’s get naked” (Ok, some sexy naked bit, but within a plot that had better flow.), and a little more playing with the concepts of romance interacting with the supernatural.

I liked the other supernatural creatures introduced into this book, adding in Bigfoot to a werewolf story was a first for me, but a fun element that added to the humor. I also enjoyed Roarke’s character rounding out as an Indiana-Jones-loving professor with passion both for his subject and his heritage. I think this volume benefited from both the world-building and the human/were trailblazing A Werewolf in Manhattan was able to pioneer, and was much better book for it. I liked Abby’s belief in the fantastical, and enjoyed the fact that this book started the characters out without the depth of deception that irked me in the first book. I also tend to think that I just enjoyed the characters in this book a bit more simply because I could more easily connect to them.

This was a cute and fun read that while not extraordinary, was a perky pick-me-up that I enjoyed.