Devil's Gate - Thea Harrison Also posted at A Bookish Compulsion

I loved this story. Both Seremela and Duncan had already found places in my heart from their secondary roles in the main Elder Races story line, so when I heard that they were going to get a novella of their own I was thrilled. I would have been happy with these two just having more page time but Devil’s Gate went above and beyond, weaving a sweet and moving story while also expanding the world of the Elder Races and topped it all off by delivering on a killer happy beginning of an ending.

When we first met Seremela in Storm’s Heart she was interesting as a representation of a Medusa, however when she again turned up in Serpent’s Kiss we discovered that she was also a smart, resourceful and underutilized character. That she was finally able to fulfill more of her potential in this story was a joy to watch unfold. Then there is Duncan. I love Duncan. If any side hero deserved his own story it was Duncan. I am so glad that Ms. Harrison chose to fit Duncan in. Not only is he an amazing character to watch, but he ends up to be such a perfect fit with Seremela that I have to believe that such a pairing was Ms. Harrison’s plan all along. I would love it if we could see more of these two in the future, as they were so much fun to delve into and I feel that they each have so much depth left to explore.

This story was such a perfect little bite in the Elder Races series (to tide those of us addicted over until the next full novel comes out) that while—as always—I wish it had been longer, it was such fun while it lasted that it will help in keeping me sated until my next series fix.