Wicked as They Come - Delilah S. Dawson This review also posted at A Bookish Compulsion

Some books I give a five star rating to, and some earn the five stars…Wicked as They Come earned every star.

I bought this book because people whose opinions I respect were ravaging about it, however I wasn’t entirely convinced that it was for me from the blurb and had to somewhat force myself to start it. I am ever so glad that I did. This book charmed me, almost in spite of myself, with its through-the-looking-glass feel done in darker tones and characters that were both familiar and reflected. The plot, a somewhat standard adventure, gained mystique in the details by lovingly paining a believable and intriguing alternate world. Our cast of characters added breath and life to the page, and while I will admit that our main voice, Lititia or Tish depending in which world you catch her in, had a backstory of issues that was more or less thrown at us and then ground into the dirt resolving, I still liked her as a character and respected the whys of her decisions—even if having it pointed out that it was because of said past issues became repetitive after a time. Crimminy was a fun hero, and while his use of magic often mortared over possible plot difficulties the sheer magnetics of his personality bursting off the page more than made up for it, and in his exuberance he created more than enough plot to fill in any gaps. The triangle that was presented, I feel to represent the lure of both her old world and this new one, was a tad bit sloppy and cliché…luckily it didn’t last too long as a plot device, and it did allow us to explore both Lititia’s glancing—or fore and backsight—which I found fascinating, and the connection between worlds. I am glad that this wasn’t as much of a presence as it could have been, but still felt that it was overdone. Even still the creativity and crafting of the world, characters, and choices made that a memorable and unique book to me that deserves recognition.

Ms. Dawson has created a world that I am eager to explore further, and I can only hope that future installments managed to capture the same grand whimsy as this one.

I give this book a delighted five stars