The Mysterious Madam Morpho - Delilah S. Dawson This review also posted at A Bookish Compulsion

This was a quick and fun read that had me back into the Blud universe and enjoying every minute of it.

This book, while not exactly expanding the world of Sang, did give a greater in-depth view of life with the caravan and the social views of the native inhabitants. I loved the main characters and enjoyed the glimpses of both Crimminy and Lititia along with the rest of the gang left over from Wicked as They Come along with the advancing of framework for book two, Wicked as She Wants.

I would say I am not sure how well this book would play without having first read Wicked as They Come and getting the main framework of Sang; in that way it might be more of a chapter in the world of than a stand-alone story. Either way, I quite enjoyed it and was grateful for the snack in-between publishing that gave me that little bit more of a world I had grown to love. I am looking eagerly forward to both the full length novel and the other e-novellas coming out next year.

I give this story four stars.