Ethan - P.T. Michelle This review also posted at A Bookish Compulsion

Last year I was blown away with my first taste of this series in Brightest Kind of Darkness; Ethan gave me an even greater view into one of my favorite characters and I can wholeheartedly say the depth of my love for these characters has only grown. After finishing BKoD, a top five pick for 2012, one of the things that remained lingering in the back of my mind was the fact that I wished I knew more about Ethan. He was my kind of hero and by the end of the book I was as thoroughly in love with him as Nara, and couldn’t wait to know more. In this short installment I was granted my wish, and loved every minute of it. Ms. Michelle wove a compelling picture, adding in elements of both his personality and experience I would have never known adding greater depth and breadth to a soul I already loved. This story made me appreciate the characters I had already been introduced to all the more, while still leaving me wanting to explore deeper into these complex and compelling characters, a talent which will see me lining up for the coming Destiny, book three in the BKoD series, and anything else Ms. Michelle would like to grace us with.

I have a hard time knowing how well this book would read cold, without having read at least Brightest Kind of Darkness if not also Lucid in this series as I have already read and loved both books. I am confident however that anyone choosing to give this series a go will be more than satisfied and enjoy this greater-depth look at a heroic character, learning more ins and outs of what makes him tick without in any way spoiling the mystery and anticipation building around Ethan, Nara and their gifts as the series progresses.

I give this story a happy five stars, with eager anticipation for forthcoming works.