Steel's Edge -  Ilona Andrews This review also posted at A Bookish Compulsion

Andrews does it again in this exciting finale to her beloved Edge series.

When I heard that Steel’s Edge was going to be the last Edge series book for the foreseeable future I couldn’t help but morn the ending of a series I have thoroughly enjoyed since its conception as “the unclassifiable ON THE EDGE. It’s like Twinkies. Everybody likes it, nobody is 100% sure what it is.” That said I am never disappointed by an Ilona Andrews book and this volume met and exceeded my already high expectations as a round off to this unpredictable and all-embracing series.

This time around we delve back into the Mar Family with Richard Mar, Hunter of Slavers and Charlotte de Ney a healer from the Weird who found an escape in the Edge. This book was filled with action and a deep characterization along with sparkling world-building and the verve that Andrews is so well loved for. We were introduced to new characters and reunited with old friends—the highlight of which was the kids, George, Jack and Sparrow/Sophie.

I loved the growth in all the recurring characters in this book and while seeing them evolve made it even more bittersweet that their series was ending, being allowed to witness it was a joy. I also relished the expanded entrance into Weird society that seeing through Charlotte’s eyes afforded us; I have always loved the world that was built along the Edge and this added dimension was a new window into a view I am chronically impressed with. The plot in this book was well woven and different in its treatment of both healers and what it meant to be damaged. In many ways I feel that this book was the deepest yet penned by Andrews, and I enjoyed both its depth and breadth in handling a touchy subject matter and tying up a series with enough finality to satisfy the fans and yet leaving enough loose ends that if they ever did want to re-visit I am confident in the fact that there are still plenty of stories to be found lurking in the Edge.

I give Steel’s Edge a Happy five Stars.