Born at Midnight  - C.C. Hunter This review also posted at A Bookish Compulsion

In the sea of teenage paranormal romance books that have surfaced in the wake of the Twilight craze I have discovered that finding something worth reading is a rare catch indeed; even more so when I am hoping it will play to an adult audience as well as the intended YA crowd. Bearing this observation in mind, I am always a bit apprehensive when trying out an unknown author or series in this newly vast field, and even more delighted when I hit upon one that I consider well worth reading. It is just this kind of a book that I discovered in Ms. Hunter’s Born at Midnight, one that stood apart from some of its more shallow brethren and demonstrated a depth that took it beyond just your average teenage read.

Born at Midnight explores the trials and tribulations of a coming of age story while deftly weaving in paranormal elements to complement our protagonist’s journey. Capitalizing on the feeling that many teens have of being different, and the want to be both special and accepted, this story is an intriguing journey through self-discovery, the importance of friendship and of believing in yourself, set against an exciting back drop of mystery and the supernatural.

I give this book a pleased four stars.