Werewolf in Greenwich Village - Vicki Lewis Thompson This review also posted at A Bookish Compulsion

I read the first two books in Ms. Thompson’s Wild About You series when I won them in a Fresh Fiction contest. While they weren’t my particular brand of wonderful I did find them enjoyable and ranking high on the cute scale for PRN so when I found myself in the mood for a fast read that had a lot of cute factor, dipping back into this series seemed a natural fit.

I really enjoyed Werewolf in Greenwich Village. I liked Nadia when she was introduced in Werewolf in Manhattan and felt that she deserved a HEA of her own. In this short story she gets that wanted Happy while also tying up some loose ends in the political structure of the Wild About You universe and keeping green and creative. With a decidedly chemistry-based connection between our hero and heroine, I still was impressed with the depth of caring that Ms. Thompson managed to infuse into the plot in such a short page-count managing to have me invest in the characters and be happy for them at the end.

I give this novella a cute four stars.