Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh This review also posted at A Bookish Compulsion

Over the last couple of years Ms. Singh has climbed up my author list to make a place for herself near the top. Her Psy/Changeling series created a world that I love to visit and introduced me to characters that I enjoy getting to know each and every facet of. That said, any series that reaches enough books in a single story arch (especially one with a cast of leads) tends to get increasingly complicated as multiple plot-points reach a head and past and present characters fight for page-space in an effort to move forward both the over-arching story-line and the HEA set forth in a single volume. Such a turning point in a series is often the make-it or break-it point for me as a reader, and I am happy to say that complicated and interwoven as it was, Tangle of Need was still very much an enjoyable book than gave me greater insight into the world that I love, the characters I adore and still managed to hit the happy ending that will always have me coming back for more.

Tangle of Need was not, however, an easy read. With almost unending shifts in perspective ranging over at least half a dozen characters, purposeful cliffhangers and enigmatic motives, the only way I feel this book managed to work as well as it did was the seamless and well explored world and society already created by the author in this series. I do not believe that this is a book that could be read and understood out of order or as a stand-alone—the history and past experiences with all of the many characters in this book too necessary to a smooth and enjoyable reading experience. Without this foreknowledge I fear that attempting this book would result in a fragmented story at best.

I was impressed with the level of integration in this book. As a rule I am not usually a huge fan of complicated story interlacing…if I have to have bloodlines and diagrams to keep things straight I am probably going to lose interest (why I don’t read much epic fantasy), however Ms. Singh managed to strike that balance that had me absorbing the complexities of an escalating world drama while ostensibly reading a love story and catching –up with old friends. If I ever had any doubt of the quality of this series it was undeniably put to rest with this volume leaving me only with eager anticipation for future stories in this world and a hope that the very near future will see a wrap-up to this excellent story arch but perhaps not to the wonderful world that is the Psy/Changeling universe.

I am happy to give Tangle of Need four bright stars.