Hexed - Kevin Hearne This review also posted at A Bookish Compulsion

An enjoyable romp through Celtic mythology, Hexed worked for me by blending together the grandeur of the Gods and the enduring beauty of the human spirit.

Hexed took us on a fun journey with the enjoyably irreverent Atticus, his faithful hound Oberon and a cast of remembered characters interspersed with some new faces. This volume of the Iron Druid gives us a new enemy, the die Töchter des dritten Hauses or Daughters of the Third House, a coven of very evil witches that are trying to usurp power and kill anyone who get in their way. Throughout this book we deal with Gods and demons, power and politics; all in such a way as to keep a smile on your face even with your pulse racing.

I enjoyed getting to better know the characters in this book, getting a deeper look into what made Atticus the man he is today, keeping up with the interesting initiate Granuaile, playing with the pack, reuniting with Leif and the surprise appearance with one of my favorite spooky presences from Hounded the fluid Laksha. This series has definitely grown on me and odds are I won’t be able to stop myself from picking up the next book in this series, Hammered, to see just what mischief ensues.

I give Hexed an amused four stars.